Team Results for Shree Sanatan 2 in Everards Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket League

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Div: Division 6 East

  20/04/2019Dunton Bassett 95-101Baeal, 8 overs 5 -21Shree Sanatan 299-125 3894373
  27/04/2019Shree Sanatan 2 160-97Dev 32Whetstone161-425 3894445
  04/05/2019Blaby Village151-625 Shree Sanatan 2 148-108 3894395
  11/05/2019Shree Sanatan 2118-225Viren 41 RunsMountsorrel Castle 2 116-103Hussain 57 runs3894447
  18/05/2019Leicester Cricketers 193-107Great knock by Raju again ended up with a contribution of 73Shree Sanatan 2195-325Great knock from Ravi Roa 99 not out 3894417