Team Results for University of Leicester Staff 2 in Everards Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket League

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Div: Division 7 East

  20/04/2019University of Leicester Staff 2211-1011Ahmed KhanL: 60; Azaz: 54Illston Abey 2 239-825Shams: 573894681
  27/04/2019Lutterworth 3 220-725A Barber 69 T Slay 6-1-40-3University of Leicester Staff 2213-1012Badya 65 coddington 10-0-47-43894703
  04/05/2019University of Leicester Staff 2185-711C. Cottis: 50Birstall Village 2 190-425I. Bartlett 101 not out3894683
  11/05/2019Shree Sanatan 3 90-100 University of Leicester Staff 293-025H Ali Zaidi %^ not out and O aka 32 Not out. 3894725
  18/05/2019University of Leicester Staff 2 126-104 Fleckney Village127-225 3894685