Team Results for Wigston Town 2 in Everards Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket League

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Div: Division 8 East

  04/05/2019Wigston Town 2228-725A Jones 101*Sileby Town 4134-103M Sharpe 613895305
  11/05/2019Dunton Bassett 2178-97R Sercombe 55 R Fisher 46Wigston Town 2280-1025K Chandu 155 not out. A Jones 543895323
  18/05/2019Wigston Town 2249-725A Jones 145Whetstone 2189-107Hari 753895307
  25/05/2019Gumley81-105 Wigston Town 2198-1025 3895341
  01/06/2019Wigston Town 2213-525N Chavda 95 S Cobley 50Barkby United 3166-87 3895301
  08/06/2019Queniborough 30-05Match Abandoned Wigston Town 20-05Match Abandoned 3895277
  15/06/2019Wigston Town 20-05Match Abandoned Match Abandoned Electricity Sports 40-05Match Abandoned Match Abandoned 3895303
  22/06/2019Leuva Patidar118-225 Wigston Town 2116-103 3895295
  29/06/2019Wigston Town 2114-325A Kolak 57*Great Glen 2111-94 3895309
  06/07/2019Sileby Town 4157-69Stephen Loveridge 67Wigston Town 2184-525A Kolak 70, N Chavda 57; Dave King 4-403895314
  13/07/2019Wigston Town 2146-225B Dilip 41Dunton Bassett 2145-104S Amar 5-473895306
  20/07/2019Whetstone 2179-612 Wigston Town 2180-825 3895332
  21/07/2019Great Glen 2194-710 Wigston Town 2195-625 3895350
  27/07/2019Wigston Town 2105-225 Gumley104-73 3895308
  03/08/2019Barkby United 3209-911Peter Grant 58 Scott Moore 52Wigston Town 2238-825A Jones 663895268
  10/08/2019Wigston Town 2147-108R Asher 5-43Queniborough 3148-625S Payne 553895302
  17/08/2019Electricity Sports 486-109Game reduced to 28 overs a sideWigston Town 2138-1025congratulations to Wigston 2 for winning the division today3895286
  24/08/2019Wigston Town 2221-725 Leuva Patidar107-103J Modi 1-73895304