Team Results for Asian Sports 4 in Everards Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket League

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Div: Division 8 West

  04/05/2019Leicester Ivanhoe 4152-72Mason Gale 63 not out John Newbery 56Asian Sports 4 242-325Aftab Ghanchi 127 Mignesh Tandel 63n.o.3895395
  11/05/2019Hathern Old 2113-1010Chris Leeson 41, Mayur 8.3-2-14-4Asian Sports 4 156-1025Ketan 593895441
  18/05/2019Asian Sports 4 132-911Raju Narsaim 43no and 5 for 23 Mayur Pema 3 for 23GNG136-925Lucky 37no and 3for 113895405