Team Results for Melton Mowbray 2 in Everards Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket League

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Div: Division 9 East

  27/04/2019Wakerley & Barrowden187-625H Baker 72no H Baker 6-20Melton Mowbray 2186-810M Mabbott 90, H Gibbs 503895446
  04/05/2019Melton Mowbray 2130-425 Bitteswell 2129-106 3895469
  11/05/2019Leicester Stars89-1025Safwan Patel 18 L Tew 6.1-1-14-4 C Tew 7-0-9-3Melton Mowbray 274-1013L Tew 33 Idris Patel 7-4-7-4 3895519
  18/05/2019Melton Mowbray 21-025Won by DefaultM Mabbutt 84 J Tew 53Wakerley & Barrowden0-100Conceded There was a light shower at tea after which the away team refused to come out and bat stating that the "pitch was too dangerous to play on". Sam Rowe was contacted who said that if they refused to play they were forfeiting the game. The away team did not stay for the required time for a game abandonment leaving before the cut-off time. After the light shower there was no more rain - the ground was perfectly fit to play with no standing water or soft patches on the outfield or track.3895463
  25/05/2019Langtons 3103-108Prem 26, Nathan 33. L Tew 4-24, K Tew 3-33, Cropper 2-17, Gibbs 1-1Melton Mowbray 2106-725Panchal 33, L Tew 18 no. Jay 2-23, Nathan 3-26, Prem 1-23, Harry 1-103895455
  01/06/2019Melton Mowbray 2254-925Mabbott 129 K. Tew 4-31Ashby Carington237-712A smith 105no3895471
  08/06/2019Melton Mowbray 20-05Match Abandoned Ketton Sports 20-05Match Abandoned 3895465
  15/06/2019Countesthorpe 40-05Match Abandoned Melton Mowbray 20-05Match Abandoned 3895483
  22/06/2019Melton Mowbray 2104-225A cropper 4-12Houghton & Thurnby 3102-103 3895467
  29/06/2019Uppingham Town 396-81 Melton Mowbray 299-125 3895501
  06/07/2019Bitteswell 2215-810T Moosa 98 M Rizvi 9-48-2Melton Mowbray 2247-925J Culy 593895510
  13/07/2019Melton Mowbray 2331-225S mullard 154 not out m mabbott 83 j culy 54 k tew 4-19Leicester Stars198-101Muaz 58 not out3895470
  27/07/2019Melton Mowbray 274-225S Mullard 41 not out H Gibbs 3 for 13Langtons 373-102 3895464
  03/08/2019Ashby Carington177-102 Melton Mowbray 2268-425 3895528
  10/08/2019Ketton Sports 2142-108 Melton Mowbray 2145-625 3895474
  17/08/2019Melton Mowbray 2124-225A Thompson 51Countesthorpe 4122-93J Popplewell 65no. Carried his bat3895466
  24/08/2019Houghton & Thurnby 375-104 Melton Mowbray 2200-825 3895492
  31/08/2019Melton Mowbray 2218-425L tew 93Uppingham Town 3187-48A brown ret. 583895468