Team Results for Appleby Magna in Everards Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket League

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Div: Division 4 West

  20/04/2019Burbage 97-102 Appleby Magna98-225D Mowbray 4-11, A Lindsay 3-19, A Lindsay 67no3894211
  27/04/2019Appleby Magna 326-425A Lindsay 129, M Richardson 78no, C Avill 50, C Patrick 34Newbold Verdon 2106-102L Edwards 45, J Healy 30, D Mowbray 5-173894303
  04/05/2019Huncote185-109Joey Richings 54, George Crossley 48Appleby Magna 210-525C Avill 88no, A Lindsay 64, M Richardson 40, D Mowbray 3-47, A Lindsay 3-523894233
  11/05/2019Appleby Magna 142-79C Avill 36, Dv Patrick 32, I Corrie 3-17 Innings reduced to 41 overs Kegworth Town 2102-725(102) C Morris 40no, S Fenn 34, A Lindsay 4-15 Innings reduced to 25 overs. Won on last ball.3894305
  18/05/2019Twycross 108-104Harry Machin 29Appleby Magna109-325A Lindsay 67, D Mowbray 3-12, A Lindsay 3-153894255