Team Results for Shepshed 3 in Everards Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket League

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Div: Division 6 West

  20/04/2019Shepshed 3154-125J Lister 86no M Bonam 42 D Montague 4-23 C Chantrill 4-19Loughborough Carillon 2 152-104 3894770
  27/04/2019Shepshed 3 0-05Match Abandoned Earl Shilton 20-05Match Abandoned 3894760
  04/05/2019Ibstock Town 2 251-825N. Harris 68 and 5-52Shepshed 3237-912J. Lister 623894782
  11/05/2019Shepshed 3 138-1010D Bottrill 43 S Bone 40 noMahers140-825Game reduced to 40 overs per side3894762
  18/05/2019Sapcote 136-109J Simons 39. Big thank you to Seb for assisting with the injury and fielding for us after, cheers mate. Shepshed 3111-725Game reduced to 32 overs for Shepshed due to an ambulance break for an injury, revised target 108.3894804