Team Results for University of Leicester Staff in Everards Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket League

  DateHomeh Scoreh PtsHome Inns HighlightsAwaya Scorea PtsAway Inns HighlightsPC
Div: Division 5 East
  28/04/2018University of Leicester Staff0-05Match Abandoned Cosby0-05Match Abandoned 3559449
  05/05/2018Asian Sports 284-108Vickram Bagoan - 46University of Leicester Staff85-825Jean De Beer: 10 overs, 7 maidens, 9 runs, 5 wickets, Economy: 0.903559432
  12/05/2018University of Leicester Staff208-910C Cottis 75 Fox 5-64Dunton Bassett45-29 3559450
  19/05/2018Oakham 2201-95 University of Leicester Staff265-525Chris Curtis 1083559394
  26/05/2018University of Leicester Staff0-05Match Abandoned Leicester Teachers & Mossdale0-05Match Abandoned 3559456
  02/06/2018Market Overton128-109 University of Leicester Staff188-1025 3559482
  09/06/2018University of Leicester Staff147-1013Dangi 5-29Leicester Banks 2159-1025 3559447
  16/06/2018Broughton Astley80-925 University of Leicester Staff79-109M.Farthing 3.4-0-11-43559460
  23/06/2018University of Leicester Staff253-725 Market Harborough 2128-103 3559448
  30/06/2018Leicester Cricketers122-107M patel 39University of Leicester Staff123-625Usman 443559417
  07/07/2018University of Leicester Staff201-1013Ozzy 67 Haider 66Asian Sports 2202-825V Bagoan 78 H Patel 4-313559453
  14/07/2018Dunton Bassett77-101J. Bebeer 9-7 for 37University of Leicester Staff81-125A Ahmed 523559411
  21/07/2018University of Leicester Staff132-725A Bhadya 68 B Southern 5-20Oakham 2131-109 3559451
  28/07/2018Leicester Teachers & Mossdale0-010 University of Leicester Staff152-108Rushin 12-5-16-5 Harun Patel 503559477
  04/08/2018University of Leicester Staff206-825K Patel 52 S Coddington 40*Market Overton205-1013B Makwana 78*3559457
  11/08/2018Leicester Banks 2156-108Jitu Naik 3 for 24University of Leicester Staff158-525 3559373
  18/08/2018University of Leicester Staff203-109Eckersley 5-61Broughton Astley240-725T Payne 53*3559455
  25/08/2018Market Harborough 2106-101C.Bannister 45, D.Wenlock 31University of Leicester Staff109-025C. Cottis 47*, U. Vaka 51*3559366
  01/09/2018University of Leicester Staff171-725 Leicester Cricketers169-1010Good game was close towards the end 3559452
  08/09/2018Cosby132-105 University of Leicester Staff133-325 3559388
  15/09/2018Leicester Caribbean 295-102 University of Leicester Staff230-525 3559439
  22/09/2018University of Leicester Staff130-225Ed Hall 50* U Vaka 45Leicester Caribbean 2125-104Y Hefajee 48* A Maklai 45 U Vaka 4-213559454
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