Team Results for Appleby Magna in Everards Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket League

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Div: Division 4 West

  28/04/2018Loughborough Outwoods0-05Match Abandoned Appleby Magna 0-05Match Abandoned 3559248
  05/05/2018Appleby Magna 160-925D Rodgers 57Kegworth Town 2101-108I Dade 55, D Rodgers 4-25, M Richardson 3-93559325
  12/05/2018Huncote 114-106James Brewin 67. D Mowbray 5-34Appleby Magna115-525M Richardson 36no3559297
  19/05/2018Appleby Magna151-1013C Avill 40, M Richardson 36, Gr Edwards 31, K Singh 3-42Loughborough Greenfields 163-1025K Singh 47, D Bryans 37, T Birch 323559326
  26/05/2018Stoke Golding 128-75 Appleby Magna132-325C Patrick 54no, D Mowbray 3-393559337
  02/06/2018Appleby Magna 235-325D Rodgers 114no, C Patrick 39Shepshed 2123-101J Lister 44no, D Mowbray 5-353559318
  09/06/2018Burbage137-109D Allen 62Appleby Magna 187-925D Rodgers 102, C Avill 41, Dv Patrick 3-203559273
  16/06/2018Appleby Magna182-725O Woodyatt 37, D Rodgers 32, R Harrison 3-44. Target was reduced to 182 in 40 overs due to rain.Newtown Linford 2 197-611D Bulpitt 73no, P Hopkins 37, D Bowley 36no, D Mowbray 3-373559323
  23/06/2018Long Whatton 264-525Henry Legg 101 Matt Willett 68 Ollie James 51Appleby Magna175-103D Rodgers 68, O Woodyatt 45, M Richardson 323559292
  30/06/2018Appleby Magna162-325D Rodgers 82noNewbold Verdon 2 159-106J Healey 66no, J Knight 3-43, Gr Edwards 3-493559324
  07/07/2018Kegworth Town 2213-725Jonathan Wall 57, Glyn Isaac 46 not out, Martin Ladkin 3 for 24, Ian Dade 3 for 49Appleby Magna 212-712D Rodgers 61 & 3 for 30, C Avill 52, J Powell 45 not out3559226
  14/07/2018Appleby Magna 224-98J Powell 45, C Avill 36Huncote225-325G Crossley 81no, B Kilbourn 65no, J Singh 463559320