Team Results for Fleckney Village 2 in Everards Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket League

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Div: Division 9 Central

  27/04/2019Kegworth Town 30-100Conceded Fleckney Village 21-025Won by Default3895575
  11/05/2019Huncote 260-225Rob Lee 5f for 3Fleckney Village 258-102 3895602
  25/05/2019Lutterworth 4196-525Phil Hinde scored maiden 50 and finished 95 not out having carried his batFleckney Village 2163-78Kev Kisby 51 not out3895538
  01/06/2019Fleckney Village 2105-1010Chris Knight 10-3-25-3 Scott Roberts 10-3-26-3Bharat Sports 3151-1025Jitesh 7-1-23-3 Josh 6.2-1-13-33895564
  08/06/2019Broughton Astley 20-05Match Abandoned Fleckney Village 20-05Match Abandoned 3895556
  15/06/2019Fleckney Village 215-28Match abandoned after 9.2 overs of 2nd innings due to rainLeicester Teachers & Mossdale 2167-78 3895571
  22/06/2019Fleckney Village 2121-910Kisby 57 Bosworth 10-3-17-3 Larkin 10-3-15-3Kegworth Town 3123-925Potter 8-1-27-4 Roberts 10-0-28-33895566
  29/06/2019Leicester Lions384-825Good knock from Rahul M144, Chirag 42, Arjun 75. D Rama 10-4-11-5.Fleckney Village 264-104 3895584
  13/07/2019Fleckney Village 2153-425S. Roberts 10-0-34-4 M. Potter 8.3-1-20-3 J. Rodgers 50 no K.Kisby 41Huncote 2150-107L.Creissen 6-1-23-43895569
  27/07/2019Fleckney Village 20-05Match Abandoned Lutterworth 40-05Match Abandoned 3895563
  03/08/2019Bharat Sports 30-05Match Abandoned Fleckney Village 20-05Match Abandoned 3895547
  10/08/2019Fleckney Village 231-102 Broughton Astley 232-225 3895565
  17/08/2019Leicester Teachers & Mossdale 20-05Match Abandoned Fleckney Village 20-05Match Abandoned 3895620
  31/08/2019Fleckney Village 2124-103Hodgkinson 40Leicester Lions343-725Rahul 1613895567