Team Results for Enderby 3 in Everards Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket League

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Div: Division 10 West

  13/05/2018Enderby 351-102 LCS Cricket Academy 289-525Kaihzar 102 not out3562154
  19/05/2018Enderby 3 74-104 Shepshed 475-425 3562170
  26/05/2018Loughborough Carillon 3 243-525Alsop 108, Ottewell 63Enderby 3202-57Poslethwaite 743562152
  09/06/2018Queniborough 4 209-225Excellent bowling from the youngsters - in particular Charlie Loftus with 3-31. Ryan Asher with his first 50 of the season to carry his bat and finish on 54 not out. A fantastic quick knock for 99 not out from Sam Payne.Enderby 3205-810Highest opening partnership of the season to before the first wicket fell at 92. Fifties from D Warrington who opened and M Postlethwaite batting at 3 and not out for 54. K Goodson playing for the first time in years hit a particularly nice 4 which helped steady the nerves. 3562138
  16/06/2018Enderby 3142-104Marsden 35LCS Cricket Academy 257-925 3562169
  23/06/2018Shepshed 4 187-99P Oliver 43, 13yr old Owen Tuckwood 36 on senior debutEnderby 3188-525 3562168
  14/07/2018Enderby 3249-57S Warrington 73Queniborough 4 320-1025J Rushby 113 n.o.3562172
  22/07/2018LCS Cricket Academy 210-1014 Enderby 3211-925 3562153
  28/07/2018Enderby 3 1-025Won by DefaultLoughborough Carillon 30-100Conceded 3562175
  04/08/2018Queniborough 4214-825Solid 50's for John & JamesEnderby 3 213-1013Good performance from the youngsters in their side - great partnership in the middle order.3562139
  01/09/2018Enderby 3 1-025Won by DefaultLoughborough Carillon 30-100Conceded 3562174